Marva and Leon

On January 19, 2012 a team of eight people headed off to Exuma in the Bahamas.  many people on their plane disembarked for a week long stay at the opulent Sandals Resort.  The SPI team had other plans for their week on Exuma.

Marva and Leon have always lived on Exuma.  Their home could best be described as a two room twelve by twenty four foot dwelling.  The three steps into the house were in ill repair.  there was no electricity except for one long extension cord running along the ground from a temporary construction electrical service to the house which plugged into a small college dorm refrigerator.  There was no running water.

An “addition” had been started that would, when finished double the living size of the house.  Unfortunately even though both Marva and leon work at Sandals, they could not close the addition in and the wooden studs had warped from weather. 

The team landed at 12:30 pm, put there suitcases in the dorms and went to work.  the team worked everyday except Sunday which was reserved for church and R & R.  by Friday evening the addition roof joists and plywood were done.  By Saturday night the addition had been roofed and the siding put on.  The rest of the week was spent putting the electrical and plumbing in and then adding a toilet and tub and closing in the bathroom.  tiling of the bathroom and the final bit of plumbing was completed on Saturday.

The team stopped by on the way to the airport and Leon was already working on adding a bedroom in the addition.  Marva, Leon and their children all had huge smiles and warm goodbyes for the team.