Local Projects



On October 22 Starve Poverty teamed with a local roofing contractor, The Roof Connection, and one of his men to repair a hole in the roof for a woman by the name of Kay, who lives in Lanoka Harbor. Kay was much appreciative to have us do the repair because she was afraid that animals would start getting into her home. It was also encouraging for Starve Poverty to be able to share this experience with the roofing contractor giving him the opportunity to bless someone in his community.




On November 12th Starve Poverty did a bigger project including drywall and ceiling repair. Starve Poverty teamed with 3 local churches, Lighthouse Alliance in Little Egg Harbor, Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, and Bayshore Fellowship in Lanoka Harbor. Pastor Scott from Bayshore Fellowship came to Starve Poverty asking for their help to repair Andreas ceiling. A totally of 15 people gave of their time to help serve Andrea, wanting to share the love of Christ with her. Starve Poverty noticed that there was further work that Andrea needed other than just a ceiling repair work. There were some areas on the exterior that needed to be closed in to prevent animals from coming into the house. Starve Poverty with be going back in December to finish up.