Exuma seniors

Many Exuma seniors are at risk for poor nutrition due to the high cost of food. Food prices continue to rise all over the world but when you live on a small island the majority of all food must be imported. All refrigerated or cold food items cost even more. Many seniors receive slightly more than two hundred dollars monthly. Listed below are some prices Starve Poverty actually paid for groceries in November 2011.

Arnold Health Nut bread – $5.52

Bananas – $1.25 lb

Red Delicious apples – $0.90 ea

Lays chips- 6oz – $5.00

Gallon of milk – $10.00

Bleach-generic brand – $ 3.45

Prego sauce-med jar -$3.85

Cake frosting –BC -$3.99

Welch’s squeeze jelly -$5.27

Soda Case 12oz cans -$17.00

Hot Dogs-Nathan’s-lb -$6.95

Gatorade- 64oz -$5.39

Peanut Butter-PP- 16oz -$11.94

Starve Poverty makes a difference by purchasing and distributing groceries each time they are on Exuma. In addition SPI sends funds monthly to help Hazel who is 80 years old and still cares for her multiple handicapped grandson. You could also make a difference in the lives of Exuma seniors by donating to SPI.